retainer package


One of the most efficient solutions to your ongoing creative design needs is a good retainer package. Retainer packages are not just effective in ensuring a prompt supply of artwork but also guarantee uniformity within your brands’ numerous touchpoints.

Sktched Marketing offers retainer packages that are perfect for businesses like you who have a constant need for design services or more often have design needs arising unexpectedly that demand a short turnaround time. As our design retainer client, you will always enjoy the privilege of your projects being scheduled on priority.


  • Low Cost: Get the same job done at the same quality outcome but at a much lower locked-in price every month. Our packages are designed to suit your every need.
  • Efficiency and focus: Outsourcing your design projects to us means more time for you to focus your energy on what you do best – scaling your business.
  • Cost saving: You will not only eliminate costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and training an in-house designer but also save on the purchase of various design software programs needed for the design work.
  • Priority work: As a retainer client, your job will always be prioritized and sent to first in the line.


How it works

A retainer is an answer to the continuous need for graphic design services. At Sktched Marketing, we support managing your print or digital assets to expand your business. A certain number of creative design services are pre-purchased at a discounted fee and paid up-front. Depending on the type of creative services you mostly need, you can choose a relevant package that best suits your business. The number of creatives used is tracked and reported each month. Invoices will be raised at the end of the month to cover the following month and will be routinely raised for subsequent months. A minimum 3-month commitment is required.

Scope of work

Services that can be ordered under the retainer package include:

  • Print Design (Brochures, Booklets, Flyer/Leaflet/Pamphlets, Presentation Folders, Envelopes, Letter Pads, Certificates, Invites, Posters)
  • Digital Design (Social Media Creatives, Web Banners, Animated Gifs, PowerPoint Presentations, Emailer, E-newsletter, E-invite, Explainer Videos)
  • Branding (Visiting Cards, Letterheads, Packaging Design, Danglers, Wobblers, Door/Window Stickers, Roll Up Standee, Table Standees, Promotional Tent Cards, Signage)

Unused Services

The allocated number of services per month will not be carried forward if they remain unused in the previous month. This is to help us better manage and optimize our workload distribution.


Retainer packages do not include content writing, logo design, stock image purchasing, photography, typeface licensing, printing or manufacturing, and third-party supplier costs. If any additional service is required during the month, it will be billed separately as per the àlacarte rate card.

Project Management

Project management fees are included in the retainer package. These fees cover unlimited phone calls and emails, two virtual meetings (Google meet, Zoom) per month, one physical meeting per month, and associated office costs for the project during the design process. Additional meetings per month will be billed separately as per the following rates:

  • Virtual meeting:
    1. Rs.250/hr (Weekdays)
    2. Rs.500/hr (Holidays/ Weekends)
  • Physical meeting:
    1. Travel cost to meeting venue – Rs.20/Km
    2. Hourly meeting cost: Same as Virtual meeting (Travelling time will also be considered to calculate the total number of meeting hours.)


Our retainer packages are specially designed to meet your varying monthly design needs while keeping your marketing budget in good health. If none of the packages meet your needs, you may consider ordering work on a need-to-need basis as per our àlacarte rate card. The downside of this is there will be no special discounted rates applicable.

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