We have a simple goal

To help brands have profound connections with consumers through compelling designs.

Who we are

Sktched Marketing is a boutique creative design studio set up in the heart of India's capital, New Delhi.

Sktched offers an array of creative design expertise to clients across different sectors. We craft dynamic, vibrant and innovative designs combined with strategy and marketing intelligence so that your brand cuts through the noise and delivers a clear and consistent message.

We are new, we are young, and we are what you are looking for – Problem Solvers, Strategic Thinkers and Deep Divers.

We understand the marketing nuances of every sector

We relish amazing associations with our clients with high referral rate. In a short span of time, we have covered industries such as Automobile, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, NGO, and Security Services.

Our diverse industry clientele is a proof of our immense capability in understanding the marketing nuances of every sector and our relentless efforts in providing our clients with a “WOW” service.

Whether we are illustrating an ambitious concept or designing a tiny poster, with Sktched Marketing,

It's assured satisfaction