Corporate Presentation Design for Careerist

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Careerist Management Consultants

Careerist Management Consultants is the leading recruitment consultant in India. With passion and professionalism at its heart, Careerist has been paving the way for India's progress via a rich, diverse, multi-dimensional, and multi-sector experience. Careerist has risen to the pinnacle of human resource management, becoming one of India's top recruiting consultants throughout the years thanks to its clear understanding of the shifting business dynamics and improved skill in identifying and attracting the finest personnel.

Careerist contacted team Sktched to develop a well-designed, well-structured corporate presentation that would not only be visually appealing but also effectively highlight Careerist's strengths and expertise. One significant request was that the slides not seem like a normal recruiting consultancy presentation.

With this in mind, we decided on a strategy of motivational quotations and imagery pertinent to our communication flow with a subtle blend of animated infographic slides, which gave the deck a really youthful and energetic appeal.


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