Corporate Presentation Design for Careerist

careerist cover-image

Careerist Management Consultants

Careerist Management Consultants is the leading recruitment consultant in India The Careerist has been pioneering the India growth path through a rich, diversified, multi-dimensional, multi sector experience with commitment & professionalism at its core. With a clear insight into the changing business dynamics and enhanced proficiency in tapping the best talents, Careerist has come to the forefront of human resource management, hence becoming one of India’s top recruitment consultants over the years.

Careerist reached out to team Sktched to create a well-designed, well-structured corporate presentation that would not just look beautiful but also showcase the credentials of careerist in a unique way. One of the key ask was to not make the slides look like a typical recruitment consultant presentation.

With this thing in mind, we choose an approach of inspirational quotes and images relevant to our communication flow with a subtle mix of animated infographic slides, that gave the deck a very youthful and vibrant look.


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