Marketing and promotional material design for the launch of Enclose-II

enclose launch-hero
enclose launch-mobile-hero

About the Client:

Peters Surgical is a leader in surgical device market with a portfolio of high-quality & innovative solutions addressing specialized surgical therapies. The company's mission is to improve the quality of patient care and to contribute to the success of surgical procedures. Peters Surgical designs, manufactures and distributes surgical single use-devices in over 90 countries.

Project Brief:

For the introduction of Enclose - II, a cutting-edge technology device for proximal anastomosis surgery, Peters Surgical sought a powerful and effective communication message along with innovative promotional tools to spread the word to leading cardiothoracic surgeons in India.

Project Requirement:

  • Product Brochure & Flyers
  • Clinical Posters
  • Visual Aid
  • 2D Illustration
  • Roll-up Standees

What We Did:

It was crucial for us to develop a profound understanding of every aspect of the surgical procedure because we were dealing with such an advanced medical topic as proximal anastomosis. In particular, we needed to understand the patients, the need, and what drives patients and medical professionals to act. In order to "speak their language," we read through a lot of the clinical research papers that the client provided, and we also studied a tonne of marketing materials created by competitors on related subject and products in order to gain marketing insights. The approach helped us to uncover, shape, and communicate the brand story in ways that allowed us to engage with healthcare professionals on a deeper, more sincere level.

We first developed a tagline for Enclose – II that clearly articulated the product’s competitive advantage, followed by a variety of branding and communication materials, such as clinical posters, leaflets, visual aids, illustrations, webinar invitation cards and roll-up standees for conferences.

aorta illustration
enclose launch flyer-2
enclose launch flyer
FGD-invite mockup
ready recokner-mockup-
ready recokner-mockup2-
red alert-mockup1
red alert-mockup2
visual aid-1
visual aid-2
visual aid-3
visual aid-4
visual aid-5
visual aid-6

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