Hernia Awareness Campaign and Product Launch


About the Client:

Peters Surgical is a leader in surgical device market with a portfolio of high-quality & innovative solutions addressing specialized surgical therapies. The company's mission is to improve the quality of patient care and to contribute to the success of surgical procedures. Peters Surgical designs, manufactures and distributes surgical single use-devices in over 90 countries.

Project Brief:

The company was looking to expand its footprint in the Gastro-intestinal specialty in India with the launch of a premium surgical mesh for complex hernia repair surgery. The company’s goal was also to establish itself as an expert and a thought leader in the hernia repair industry and hence wanted to leverage the National Hernia Awareness Month.

Project Requirement:

  • Product Brochure & Flyers
  • Clinical Posters
  • Product Packaging
  • Leave Behind Leaflets
  • Doctor Reminder Cards
  • Roll-up Standees

What We Did:

In order to assist Peters Surgical in achieving its marketing objectives, we developed strategic branding and communication collaterals, such as eye-catching clinical posters, leaflets, myth-busting materials, cards that remind surgeons of the product's USP, handouts specifically for medical professionals, product brochures, flyers, packaging designs, and roll-up standees for conferences.

hernia poster-mockup
HAB invite_mockup
hernia leaflet-mockup
promesh surg leaflet mockup2jpg
myth busters-mockup
PSI campaign
reminder card

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